Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cowtown 5K February 2010

This was the first race I entered after getting back into some kind of shape after about 18 months of pretty faithful workouts at Anytime Fitness. Why 18 months ?
I have always been very competitive when it comes to sports, so when I decided to get back into shape it was not without purpose. I knew I would be competing in races, running, cycling and triathlon from the moment I committed myself, but would not enter a race until I felt I was in good enough shape to be competitive with athletes in my age group. So my beautiful wife Traci and I got on a training plan and entered the race. My time in the 5K was 25:13 which put me 21st out of about 200 in my age group which was then 45 to 49 year olds (turned 50 in July of this year) Overall I finished 231st of 3798 runners. A top 10% finish was all I needed to pick up the pace on training days and begin my journey to better physical fitness.

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